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Aggression is believed to be an innate instinct that we all have to deal with but for some, aggression can be so habitual that it brings unwanted consequences. Aggression is generally considered anti-social when it escalates and becomes destructive, self-serving and brings harm to others. Whether aggression is biological, a product of childhood training or a function of the brain, if aggression is causing problems in your life or the life of a loved one- professional intervention should be sought. National Referral can direct you to a program that can deal with aggression using effective methods proven to work. Aggression and frustration need to be expressed and simply faking a smile is not going to solve the problem. Call National Referral today if aggression has become a problem and you or a loved one needs outside help.

When angry feelings build up inside, some people vent their aggression in unhealthy ways. Anger is expressed at loved ones and friends through yelling, arguing, put-downs and violence. Aggression can be pent up from problems at work, financial or behavioral disorders and redirected at loved ones because they are easy targets. Consequences of unhealthy expressions of aggression include legal problems, restraint orders, divorces, loss of child custody and isolation from friends and family and depression and general unhappiness.

Aggression is a natural response to frustration. We want to get our way and get frustrated when we don't. Studies show that the stress caused by anger and aggression is reduced when we attack back. Relief can be found whether we are attacking the source of frustration or an easier target. The problem with attacking back is that it perpetuates the cycle of aggression and reinforces the behavior. This allows aggression to escalate and can cause many problems. If you or a loved one is deeply entrenched in a behavioral habit of aggression, outside intervention is required to halt the cycle and redirect behaviors to constructive outlets in which relief can also be found.

National Referral can recommend a program that will use cognitive-behavioral therapies to analyze aggression tendencies and teach new behaviors that are acceptable. Many of our clients come to us after a crisis with the court system or at the insistence of a spouse. Such clients have found themselves in a pattern of dealing with the world around them with aggression.

Everyone feels frustration and unpleasant feelings at some time or another. We all have choices on how to react and deal with certain situations. If you or a loved one finds that aggression, anger and violence has become the default reaction, National Referral can help you find a solution. Aggression does pay off and get a result which is why those with aggressive tendencies find the behavior reinforced. The consequences of course can be depression, pessimistic outlook, loss of freedom and a serious lack of happiness and enjoyment of life.

Call National Referral today to interrupt this negative behavior cycle and find an anger management program that will work for you or your loved one. The call is free and confidential and we are standing by waiting to answer your of page


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