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Anger management techniques have grown in popularity as an effective way to control disruptive behavior because anger management does work. Anger management is something we all do because anger is a very natural emotion. However, some individuals need professional anger management from an outside source because they are unable to control their impulses and outbursts. Those who seek professional anger management assistance often due so after experiencing many painful consequences. If you or a loved one is being told to seek anger management training by the court system, family, friends or an employer- National Referral can help.

National Referral has been serving the recovery community for over a decade. Although we most often refer drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, we have found over the years that there are many problems that surface once drugs and alcohol is removed from the situation. Anger is an emotion that some of our referrals really struggle with and we have found it beneficial for our to include anger management in our referrals.

The purpose of anger management is to express or redirect anger in acceptable ways that does not bring harm to yourself or others. There is no way to change the world and get rid of traffic jams, annoying people or other things that create anger so the purpose of anger management is to control how anger is felt and expressed.

If you or a loved one has a problem with anger and expresses themselves in ways that seem out of control and frightening to others, anger management can definitely help. National Referral helps identify programs that deal with low thresholds for tolerance and frustration and develop techniques for healthy expressions of anger. Techniques such as cognitive behavioral restructuring, relaxation, stress management and better communication skills are often taught in group sessions and through individual counseling.

Please contact National Referral today if you or a loved one needs help with anger management. Anger is so often an underlying factor of many disruptive behaviors such as substance abuse and impulsiveness. We can help with court-ordered therapy and of course drug counseling. Don't go another day letting anger control and limit your life, call us today for a confidential consultation and more information. The call and information are free so do not of page


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