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Domestic violence is a tremendous problem in the United States and the fact that the National Domestic Violence hotline has received 700,000 calls from 1996-2001 is one of many examples proving it. Domestic Violence affects approximately one in three women and includes violent episodes with spouses, ex-spouses, and former boyfriends and girlfriends. Domestic violence affects men as well as women although only 2% of domestic violence incidences by a partner are reported by men whereas 21% of domestic violence incidences by a partner are reported by women. In a 1998 report issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, 92% of all domestic violence incidences were committed by men against women. Domestic violence, anger and substance abuse are all intolerable situations and must be interrupted by professional counseling.

National Referral can recommend a program to benefit you or a loved one if domestic violence has become a problem in your life. Whether you are court ordered or not, the cycle of brutality can be stopped with proper treatment. Often treatment can be customized to address a particular type of abuse. Call National Referral for more information in treating these types of domestic violence control tactics. Physical abuse is the first thing most people think of when domestic violence is mentioned and includes hitting, slapping, pushing, restraining, biting, choking or harming with any type of weapon. Other types of controlling abuses include financial restriction or hiding money. Verbal abuse includes name calling and verbal threats. Emotional abuse is very prominent and includes frequent criticism, humiliation, domination and isolation. Sexual abuse refers to rape and forcing a partner to perform sexual acts.

Domestic violence of any type comes down to control and the batterer often sees himself(or herself) as the victim and that they should be in control of the relationship. Individuals who commit domestic violence were often raised with domestic violence and have long histories of excusing the behavior. Learning new behaviors takes time, effort and intense work with a professional.

National Referral can put you or a loved one in touch with an effective professional and program to prevent the continuing cycle of domestic violence. Unfortunately most people do not seek help until court ordered but that does not mean that recovery is not possible. If you or a loved one has been ordered to seek treatment for domestic violence please do call National Referral today. The call is free and we can recommend a program for you especially if you or your loved one has other circumstances such as an alcohol or substance abuse problem that contributes to domestic of page


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