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Road rage is a term that has caught on over the last decade, a descriptive word, road rage refers to anti-social behaviors while driving. Road rage can refer to any act of aggression by a driver but is usually reserved for extreme acts that become or nearly become violent. What starts as a tailgating incident has known to escalate into a physical assault or shootings in extreme cases of road rage. Studies by the Automobile Association of America help illustrate the fact that individuals who have anger problems in other areas of their life are more likely to have road rage. If you or a loved one has been court ordered to attend anger management due to a road rage incident, please call National Referral today for a treatment facility that can accommodate your needs. Even if there is no mandate, if you or a loved one is having trouble with road rage and angry outbursts in other areas, we can help if you give us a call.

Ironically many incidents of road rage begin as simple mistakes in driving that another driver interprets as aggression. The car next to you may not be paying attention and doesn't realize that you are trying to merge which causes you to slow down. Anger quickly builds up and often becomes heightened by other stressors in your life such as problems at work, home or with money. Heat, time-constraints, large crowds and other pressure causing conditions of driving create an environment for road rage to develop. For individuals who have anger problems anyway and find that they have a quick temper, road rage may become a regular occurrence and will jeopardize themselves, their passengers and others.

Road rage and other anger issues do not just get better on their own. Professional intervention through counseling and behavior identification is required and is effective. Please call National Referral if you or a loved one could benefit from treatment of road rage and other anger issues. Anger is often a symptom of other underlying issues such as stress, substance abuse, physical health complications or problems with family and loved ones.

Let National Referral direct you to a program that will address all the problems in your life or the life of a loved one. There is no reason to continue to live with the pain and stress of anger and frustration. The call is confidential, discreet and free so call us of page


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