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Stress Management is important because stress is also known as the "silent killer" and therefore stress management can actually save your life. Stress management for some might induce images of deep breathing exercises or maybe even yoga. Whereas these are some effective stress management techniques, on this site we refer to stress management in the context of dealing with other life threatening diseases such as substance abuse, eating disorders and other mind/body disorders. Stress is that anxious or threatening feeling that arises when we feel like something is happening or about to happen that we cannot handle and stress management can help accurately reassess the situation to relieve stress. Stress management is an important element to the healing process and substance abuse, eating disorders and other anti-social behaviors often begin as improper methods of coping with stress.

Stress is a physical and mental response to a challenging or threatening situation. We all have stressors in our life and a successful life can depend on how we cope with these stressors. Many people will come home from a hard day of work and deal with their stress by having a glass of wine, an enjoyable dinner or by working out. In moderation, these are all acceptable ways of unwinding. On the other hand, those with improper stress management might come home, kick the dog, abuse the spouse, yell at the kids and drink or do drugs until they pass out. This kind of destructive stress management causes many more problems than it solves and can lead to crises in the family, at work and with the court system.

The National Referral agency includes stress management programs as part of their referral service in treating alcoholics, drug addicts, prescription pill abusers, anorexics, bulimics and other disorders. We have found that proper stress management is crucial to recovering from all of these afflictions. The programs that we refer have staff doctors, psychologists and teams of counselors who will help you examine the stressors that are affecting your self-esteem and will teach you techniques to avoid letting hassles lead to frustration and burnout.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Many people find themselves in a place in their life where they are overwhelmed and cannot seem to get out on their own. By understanding the causes of your anxiety and stress, you are better able to organize thoughts and openly share problems. This process will lead to a life of freedom and happiness beyond your current perception. A life where you can have fun, get the rest you need, change your negative behavior and feel healthy as you treat yourself right.

If you or a loved one needs professional stress management, call National Referral today. Let us take you out of your current situation and allow you to work on yourself and recover from the consequences of the stressors in your life. We can refer you to a program to fit your special needs. If you have any questions about our program, please do not hesitate in calling of page


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